“I am no stranger to the stresses of buying and selling a home, and I have never felt more supported, confident, or kept in the loop than I did with Mandy in my corner on a recent home purchase. There were a few big bumps in the road on this one, and Mandy was right there doing everything she could to ease any stress that I might be experiencing. Her excellent communication, speedy responsiveness, and intuitive nature (she knew that I’m someone who would rather know everything rather than be protected from scary news) make Mandy the best choice for any of your real estate needs. If you’re thinking of buying or selling a home in Montana, do yourself a favor and work with Mandy Snook of Montana Land Company.”


“Mandy helped us negotiate a tough purchase from a distant location as we moved to her area. The property had some outlying questions about access and easements. The house was also older (built in 1910), and we had structural questions as well. In the end, though, Mandy helped us work with a great inspector and the neighbors to negotiate issues, understand them, and ultimately close on a home near a river in an up-and-coming area at asking price, which is unheard of in this market. All the homes around it were selling for 20 to 30k above, and our house already appraised for 15k above asking. Mandy has three major strengths: 1) She cares about her job, and she’s plugged in (if not the head of) local realtors associations and other networks so she’s up on all the information regarding the housing market in the area; 2) She wants you to have all the information to make informed decisions about your property, and she leaves no stone unturned so your decisions are educated ones; and 3) She’s patient and her communication is fast. She responded to every question quickly (and I had A LOT), despite the distance which put us each in different time zones and made coordination challenging. I highly, highly recommend Mandy Snook.”


Mandy is the best!
Mandy is great to work with, she is knowledgeable, professional and knows how to market and sell a property. We could not have been happier. Would love to work with her again.

Mandy Snook is The BEST!

Mandy helped my husband and I buy a property in the Bitterroot area, which was no easy task, given that we currently live in Australia, so everything was just that little bit more difficult. Mandy went above and beyond to firstly, find the property, and then to make it all happen. Highly recommended!

Laura M.

Mandy is amazing!! As first time homebuyers, she helped us navigate the entire process of buying a home, patiently answered our questions as they came up, and helped answer questions we didn’t know to ask. She helped us refine what we were looking for in a home and showed us numerous houses over many months before we found the one that was perfect for us. She is communicative and available, easy to work with, and a great person!

Jenna & Michael

We went through what was quite possibly the most stressful cross country move of all time. When our original plans did not work out, I was sent to Mandy to help us buy a home, in the middle of the covid pandemic. This was an almost impossible task considering the pandemic and the logistics of where we were geographically. We have bought and sold three other homes in the past and we have NEVER had a positive experience with a realtor, until we met Mandy. She was hands down, the absolute best realtor I have ever met. She entertained every single question I had, no matter how crazy or trivial. She set aside entire days to show us houses, when she certainly did not have to. She has more clients than I can even comprehend and yet I never felt like we were anything but her umber one priority. She stepped up and refused to let us be taken advantage of. She was always responsive, and she made it a priority to communicate with us almost every single day. She asked questions I would never have thought to ask. She thought of scenarios I never would have, and she was never, even in the darkest hour, anything but optimistic. She kept me level headed even when it looked like we would be homeless. Tenacious would be an understatement of her professionalism. I will never buy or sell another home without her. We are now in our dream house, and absolutely none of this would be possible if I had had a different realtor.

Rebecca C

Mandy is such a personable and knowledgeable agent and person. Very easy to work with and goes above and beyond to help you get what you are looking for!

Heather A.

Mandy was professional, and knowledgeable (if she didn’t know the answer to something, she found that answer quickly). She has great follow-through, knows the area well and is very easy to get along with. We are very happy in our new home, but if we ever decide to sell, we will call Mandy!

Judy C.

As an older first time home buyer, I found I had a lot of questions to ask throughout the whole process. Mandy not only answered all my questions quickly, she answered them in such a way to help put my fears and concerns to rest. A quiet peace of mind. Despite the weather conditions of winter in Montana, we we’re able to get out and see a good number of homes to select from. We may not have gone under contract on the first home we put in an offer on. The second home we did go under contract, but it didn’t quite measure up to our expectations in the end. But with a continued perseverance to find the right home for my wife, and oldest daughter, we found the right home. Mandy helped us make the right offer, we accepted the counter offer, and just closed this week. We couldn’t be happier. Mandy always had our best interest at heart. If I ever were to do it again, I would definitely contact Mandy.

Anthony B.

Mandy was an amazing realtor. She was personable and professional. She always had our best interest in mind. We were in the market for our first home, and worried about the state of our market. Mandy was able to quell all of our worries with her knowledge of this area. We worked together and found a perfect home for my fiancé and I. Due to our market we had to jump on house prospects quickly. Mandy was always on the ball and able to get us in to see the houses we were interested in. She made this process very exciting for us and A LOT less stressful. She was always prompt with her responsiveness. We would want to talk a lot, sometimes even late at night. She would always find time to answer questions for us.


Arthur & Shelby